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40th Birthday Blog

  • Champneys Spa Days And Breaks

    Champneys Spa Days And Breaks

    Paradise, bliss, heaven.... No I am not talking about the Maldives this time (which is my favourite place on earth), but another sensation springs to mind - Champneys Spa Days. What better way to...

  • Places To Go Abroad For Your 40th Birthday

    Places To Go Abroad For Your 40th Birthday

    There are so many great destinations if you are thinking about going abroad for your 40th birthday, which cater for all budgets. If you haven't got a lot of money to play around with...

  • 40th Birthday Fancy Dress Themes

    40th Birthday Fancy Dress Themes

    Remember that “life begins at forty”, why not have a big party! Fancy dress  is always a daring thing but is well worth it. When organizing a fancy dress party remember to send out...

  • ECCO GPS Keychain

    ECCO GPS Keychain

    This is a new invention designed to help you find your way back to your car. Its a keyring that goes with you car keys. Its easy to use and anybody even those who are not good with technology are able...

  • 40th Birthday Party Ideas

    40th Birthday Party Ideas

    Life really begins at forty. At this stage of your life your children are growing up, you’ve got money in you pocket and you can start to do what you want for a change. Why not have a party to...

  • Great Gifts For His 40th Birthday

    Great Gifts For His 40th Birthday

    Your husband or father or just males in general can be really hard to buy for especially when its a special day such as their 40th birthday. If they want something they buy it themselves...

  • Lovely Gifts For Her 40th Birthday

    Lovely Gifts For Her 40th Birthday

    Females are usually easier to by for than males. There are some lovely gifts that you can't go wrong with for a 40th birthday for her. Why not go for luxury Molton Brown, an expensive...

  • 40th Birthday Driving Gifts For Him

    40th Birthday Driving Gifts For Him

    One of our most popular gifts for him seems to in fact be an experience day. It is a close call between two supercar weekday hire vouchers, the Ferrari F430 Spider Weekday Hire and the...

  • 40th Birthday Jewellery

    40th Birthday Jewellery

    If you are looking to buy some jewellery for your loved one on their 40th birthday then do check out Lula Bula's handcrafted custom 40th birthday jewellery. Their range of jewellery can be...

  • Beautiful 40th Birthday Cakes

    Beautiful 40th Birthday Cakes

    Today I found a website called Michelle's Sugar Art. I have never been so impressed with cake decorating in all my life. The detail on the cakes is second to none and they are so inventive and...

  • 40th Birthday Chocolate Cake

    40th Birthday Chocolate Cake

    So to kick start the 40th birthday blog, I thought I would attach a picture of a lovely personalised cake I saw at a friends 40th birthday a few months ago.The roses look beautiful and the cake was...

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