40th Birthday Party Ideas List

  1. 8 Rent a beach house with friends
  2. 5 Have a this is your life so far party
  3. 3 Have a big birthday party for family and friends
  4. 3 Crack open the champagne
  5. 3 Go on a murder mystery night
  6. 3 Have a disco or a live band
  7. 3 Have a hot tub party
  8. 2 Have a pool party
  9. 2 Have a marvel theme party
  10. 1 Go out for some civilised drinks with friends and family
  11. 1 Have a cocktail party
  12. 1 Have a garden party
  13. 1 Have a vodka luge made in the shape of '40' to serve your guests ice cold alcohol
  14. 1 Organise a treasure hunt around London
  15. 1 Host a Masquerade party
  16. 1 Host a barn dance. They're so much fun and will have everyone up dancing and laughing their heads off.
  17. 0 Get a barbecue going if the weathers nice!
  18. 0 Put up photographs of the person whos birthday it is around the room
  19. 0 Get a local takeway meal delivered
  20. 0 Have a quiet night in with the other half
  21. 0 Toast with a glass of personalised champagne and have a bowl of strawberries with cream for people to help themselves to.
  22. 0 Use twinkle lights to decorate meal area
  23. 0 Have a poker night with everyone dressed in suits
  24. 0 Have a quiet gathering to celebrate
  25. 0 A formal dinner party and dance
  26. 0 Have a casino themed night
  27. 0 Hire a stripper
  28. 0 Put up a 60's themed party
  29. 0 Have a beginners ballroom and latin dance lesson party
  30. 0 Garden party with a marquee maybe (smart dressed)

PLEASE NOTE: These ideas have been submitted by visitors of this website - they are not our direct recommendations.

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